Come and Get It..



Lately, you’ve been tearing me down I won’t lie,
kept my feet on solid ground, I won’t die.
I’m not sleeping I’m still dreaming of you. Of you.

Maybe I’m not taking your side but I’ll fight,
for the love I see behind your eyes.
You’ve been hiding but I’m looking for you. For you.

22769 [femme] Andrea Blouse
illmatic 6ixes Bangle in hot pink
V.e. Dita Vintage Fur Bomber – Fameshed – new!
Milk Motion – Apple Bag in pink (previous Arcade)
Glue Ink My Sheer Dress (bottom only) *not sure if available*
[tea.s] Pyramid Ring
[pf] Glossy Pout Lipstick
Miamai Franki Panama Hat
Paperbag Lace Up Jelly Boots – Singer Icon Fair – new!

Pose – Label Motion

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