Turn It Up..


I saw the clouds roll in and run across the sky
And I hope that, I really hope that
That when the sun burns through and I am left to try
I know that, I think I know that..

I’ll get the glory, we’ll win the fight
They’ll tell the story of how we took tonight
And I will show you that I’ll wear the crown
I thought I told you, that you can’t keep
You can’t keep me down..

Turn it up…

And if the stars should fade abandoning the dark
You’ll see me, I know you’ll see me
And when the flame has gone that cools your frozen heart
You’ll need me, you know you’ll need me, yeah..

[PL] Peek-a-halter in white – Bodify Event
Reign Crochet Denim Shorts in natural
[Modern Couture] Jewelry – Lion’D Versache Dark – Kustom9
Renegade A-Track Messenger Bag – Kustom9
[geek] DigiGeek Stash Girly BV (chest) – Bodify Event
Hair 44 in purple – Eaters Coma
Sourires Tattoo – Jess Tattoo
Skin and Lips – Lara Hurley
JD – Moto Socks – Seasons Story Gatcha
[BU] Swag Ears Beanie Hat here

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